The Prophet of Mendacity

“At peace with itself under God and the (national) flag…Freed of the pest of foreign exploitation but willing to absorb all who sincerely wish to share in the divine gift of its natural resources and the enlightenment of all its people…Let us pray you live long enough to see that day dawn, Salvo my son.”

John Le Carre, The Mission Song


Pakistan, and for that matter the entire Islamic world, needs to strive hard, as a matter of a fundamental policy objective, to get out of the darkness of Western hypocrisy and into the heart of lightness.  But such an endeavor would stipulate that we do a self-cleansing first.  For we live in an extremely precarious time in global politics under Barack Obama’s leadership of the Western Block. Ironically, though Obama was hailed as the prophet of “change” and “peace,” the American president has turned out to be a Prophet of Mendacity – a politically incorrect leader at the helm of global affairs laden with untruthfulness, duplicity, contradictions, falsehood and a global vision of American power incompatible with the present-day world of people’s awakened consciousness.


Consequently, the present generation and our future generations are in danger of unprecedented upheaval and destruction of their social, cultural, economic and political existence.  Do we wish to change this scenario?  The choice is ours!


Let us be absolutely clear: there is not a chance in hell for the Islamic nations, most specifically Pakistan, to see the day dawn when the exploitation of their natural resources and enlightenment of all their people will be allowed to happen.  Unless, of course, the white nations transform their ideological and hypocritical political behavior towards non-white humanity (and the chances of that are almost nil), or the masses in Third World countries pull themselves out of the darkness of Western hypocrisy patronage and into the heart of lightness by relentless and endless zealousness towards people’s democratic revolutions. In the process, the indigenous power structures in many Third World and Muslim nations will have to be completely razed and new leaderships will have to emerge from within this revolutionary political, economic and cultural renaissance and discourse.


Western hypocrisy is so obvious, dubious, and blatant now, thanks in part to global information resourcefulness, that a debate on the issue is simply a waste of time.  Western political ideological objectives have become so intense and demanding, in fact obtrusive, that their capacity to participate even in a symbolic act of human reconciliation seems a fraudulent attempt at some kind of political deceit.


Deliberate, if you will, on contradictions that daily plague Western political conduct:  Take for instance, Obama’s recent commitment to the Palestinian state on 1967 borders.  But the US President did not set a date for the Palestinian state to emerge as a full-fledged member of the community of nations. That most important aspect in the creation of a Palestinian nation-state is left for another indefinite period of time subject to US-Western European-Israeli manipulations, terms and conditions to be imposed, concessions to be demanded, and covert operations to be undertaken to undermine the people’s revolutions going on in the entire Middle East.  Watch out, I will bet my top dollar that somewhere in small letters or in subdued craftily designed rhetorical imprint, Obama must have demanded that Hamas, the truly democratic representative of the Palestinian people, are denied a political role in the creation of their nationhood – consequently, disenfranchising the nationalist democratic participation of the people in the making of their own nation – which has already been denied to them in an unprecedented historical chronicle of violence, destruction and injustice. The entire process is to be designed to insure Israeli political-military superiority in the Middle East’s balance of power and the US-West’s hegemony in the region.


“Peace” is simply a word: What is important is how the notion of peace is conceptualized in the real world of interaction and mutual political discourse between nations. For Barack Obama and his allies in the West, peace is meant to be the US-West’s selective hegemony and superiority in the conducting of Global Affairs:  unquestioned, complete, unchallenged, unilateral, uncompromising, unconditional, secretive, indomitable, impregnable, indisputable, and above all, undeniable in all of its political, economic and ideological manifestations.  The entire Muslim world is now being organized to be completely subservient to Obama-Cameron-Sarkozy dictates.  No questions to be asked – simply to be obeyed.  End of story. The political script for all of the Muslim nations is to be authored by Obama and his allies.


This incessant and incendiary attitude of political incorrectness and management of global politics at the hands of the Obama Administration and the American President’s personal political doctrine is all too visible in relation to the US’s most recent policy direction towards Pakistan.  “Are we in July 1914?” asks Webster G. Tarpley, in a recently authored analytical article in the context of Obama’s assault against Pakistan’s sovereignty.  Tarpley compares Obama’s actions with “(t)he crisis leading to World War I…Many Americans fondly imagine that the alleged death of Bin Laden marks the end of the war on terror…Instead, the Bin Laden operation has clearly ushered in a new strategic emergency.”  Tarpley goes further in warning that a world political crisis is in the offing as Obama continues to unravel his Pakistan policy with flagrant provocations against this nation and at the same time manipulating and organizing a domestic propaganda campaign to enhance his popularity among American voters for his second-term presidential bid.  “…many Left liberals of the peace movements are variously supporting Obama’s bloody aggression in Libya or even celebrating him as a more effective war monger than Bush-Cheney because of his supposed success at the expense of Bin Laden.  In reality, if there were a time to mobilize, to stop a new and wider war, this is it.”


Chomsky has alluded to Obama’s recent foreign policy strategy towards Pakistan as violation of international law and the United Nations preamble on human rights.  Anatol Lieven, a leading US authority on Pak-US relations notes that “…if the US ever put Pakistani soldiers in a position where they felt that honor and patriotism required them to fight America, many would be very glad to do so.”


Ironically and tragically, Barack Obama, the Prophet of Mendacity, has already crossed the limits of civilized global political behavior for his personal political gains, endangering world peace and igniting another military conflict and a possible war of  inexplicable consequences in South Asia, triggering a world-wide military confrontation.


For Pakistan, the time has arrived to take drastic military-political steps to let the Americans know, in no uncertain terms, that the Obama Administration’s behavior is unacceptable and that Pakistan will defend itself as well as retaliate with full military force, with all that is available to it, for any further violation of its territory, sovereignty or any future US-Nato-Indian military, overt or covert, misadventures.


Consider the immense dangers and threats to Pakistan’s existence that Obama’s policy poses to this nation:  Obama has already approved sneak attacks against Pakistan’s nuclear assets, a US-Nato helicopter has recently violated Pakistan’s airspace injuring two soldiers, drone attacks continue killing and wounding innocent civilians, the US Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan has rejected Pakistan’s call to stop border violations against this nation, American covert CIA activities with the collaboration of Indian and Israeli intelligence agencies are accelerating on a daily basis in the form of so-called Taliban attacks of mayhem and destruction all over the country, and in the post-Bin Laden episode (dramatized, not real) Obama has declared more possible assaults on Pakistan’s territory under the pretext that an Al-Qaeda chief resides in Waziristan.


The question to be put to Barack Obama and his America is: How many more will you kill?  How much more turmoil and devastation will you inflict on humanity?  When will you give peace a chance?


But first and foremost, we have to do a thorough cleansing of our own in the corridors of power in Pakistan – because there is no such thing as half a birth!


Now we must get out of the darkness of Western hypocrisy and move into the heart of lightness!


Or doomsday is staring us in the face! The choice is ours!


As Imran Khan has said, let us “retake Pakistan!”



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